Wednesday, June 22, 2016


A group of romance authors has written an anthology of short stories called "Love,

Always" that encapsulates love in many forms. This anthology will ONLY be available as

a giveaway prize. It's so exclusive that anyone who owns it could be considered a

publishing VIP!

Some authors involved in this anthology include: 

Lilly James

Alison Mello

Michelle Jo Quinn

Debbie De Louise

Haley Allison

J.A. Kerr

Michael Ross

Alisha Vincent

Natalina Reis

S. Valentine

Erin Lee

Jennifer Loring


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July 1


Sometimes the line between love and lust is blurred by more than just blind infatuation.

Love comes in many different forms, at different times, and in many ways. Each new

relationship creates their own story as they risk everything and go along for the ride.

Love, Always is the perfect recipe for romance. Thirteen authors have created a

collection of stories filled with desire ranging from hot and steamy, to sweet and

sentimental. Whether they are what you expect or not, we guarantee a love filled with

The only question that remains is, we can’t control who we fall who will capture

laughter and passion just for you.

your heart?


Enter here to win one of three copies of the Love, Always anthology! Giveaway winners

will receive notification via email when the anthology is available.

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