Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Title: Dreamland
Author: Beth D. Carter
Genre: Time Travel - Fantasy - Romance
Release Date: July 2, 2020 Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Dicen Burke had it all. As lead singer in the world famous rock band, Dark Army, the world lay at his feet. But the path to super stardom warred with a painful past and during a performance the demons haunting him finally descended. Unable to stop the self-destructive path of alcohol and drugs, when he fell, he fell hard.
He wakes up in a world he doesn’t know. The Twenty-first century rocker is now in the 1920’s, lost and bewildered. He’s taken in by Juliet Fox, a beautiful woman trying to be a positive influence in her brother’s wild lifestyle among the Hollywood Motion Picture elite.
Dicen does his best to adapt, and with Juliet by his side, he discovers a world that offers him a clean slate. But when he’s pulled back to the present, separated by time from the one person that gives him a reason to live, will he find a way to push past his demons as well as find Juliet again?
❝Dreamland is a unique story that keeps you glued to the pages as a rock star learns to cope with his demons of his past and present.❞ - Beyond the Covers Blog

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