Friday, May 1, 2020

Duet: Classical Badboys
Author: MV Ellis
Genre: Contemporary Romance (menage)
Cover Design: Sarah Paige @Opium House Creatives
We never play by the rules. In life, in music, or in bed. Rules are for those who give a f#ck what other people think. The only opinions we care about are our own.
We love each other like brothers, only closer. We’re each other’s biggest support and greatest rival, and we give each other everything. In life, in music, and in bed.
We’ve been sharing women since the first time we realized we had eyes on the same girl. That time, and every time since, it was the perfect solution. No harm, no foul.
No woman has ever been a source of strain on our relationship.
Until we meet Quincy.
With her, something feels different.
We’re different.
The friction she causes between us is like nothing we’ve ever felt toward each other, and it’s threatening to tear us apart.
He had her first. I want her more. Why do I need to make her mine?

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