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Author J.D. Lexx will release his newest novel, MALEDICTION: Rise of the Crimson Confessions
(Crimson Confessions #1) March 20th! So Digital Dirty Girl was lucky enough to steal him for an interview!

DDG: What are you working on at the moment?

JD: I actually have a couple things in the works that I’m pretty excited about. I’m currently wrapping up a new stand-alone novel, independent of the Crimson Confessions, which has the potential for three distinct spinoff series. I’m going to need so much more coffee!

DDG: What was your ideal career when you were a child?

JD: As a child, I wanted to be a lawyer or a pro baseball player. Fortunately, I managed to accomplish at least one of those dreams before realizing that my true ideal was to step away from all that and become an author. I’d been writing all along anyway so it sort of made sense to finally give it all my attention and do something entirely for myself for a change. And I couldn’t be happier that I did.

DDG: What’s your favorite published work of yours and why?

JD: While I have a couple works still left unpublished that I feel very deeply about inside, I suppose my proudest published work has to be MALEDICTION. Not only is it my first novel that I’ve chosen to publish independently, but the feedback from readers has been astounding. I knew it was a gamble when I wrote it, given the way it skirts so many boundaries between genres and blends literary and sensual elements with an ambitious layering of nuance, but then I’ve never been the type to follow the heavily trodden road. Where’s the fun in that? But I held my breath and put it out there, and the reception has been more positive than I could have ever hoped for. Fingers crossed, it’s the first of a long series ahead.

DDG: When you’re not writing, what do you like to do?

JD: I love to get outside and soak in nature whenever time permits. For me, that’s a really great way to reset the mind and keep the imagination flowing. It’s so easy to link ourselves into oblivion these days and forget what really matters in the mad race to stay up-to-date and to keep connected to a world that would hardly miss us when we’re gone. Getting away from that tends to remind me how much else is out there, which in turn often leads to new creative ideas I’d never have dreamt up otherwise.

DDG: Is there a favorite place or time of day you like to write?

JD: I usually do my best writing in the morning, though I really prefer the night. I have an office space I separate off from the outside world to form a bit of a sanctuary but I’m just as likely to be out back in the gazebo, writing on the nicer days.

DDG: Do you have a favorite author who influences your work?

JD: I’ve always adored Hemingway. I’ll never learn the brevity of the craft like he mastered but his attention to detail, flawlessly chosen vocabulary, and his appreciation of the process is something I think all of us could learn from as writers.

DDG: If you could bring one of your characters to life, which one would it be and why?

JD: I’d have to say Valeria, who we first meet in MALEDICTION. In some sense, I suppose she’s already alive since the sources of her inspiration are still walking around out there somewhere. But as a character unto herself, I see her as the ultimate woman. Strong. Powerful. Making the most of a life the world threw at her to become an unprecedented muse. I see her as the embodiment of old-school grace and dignity, with a splash of timeless seduction. What’s not to love about that?

DDG: Where did your passion for writing begin and what inspired you to become a published author?

JD: My passion for writing goes back as far as I can remember. It was always the one activity where I felt a true sense of belonging. Every other pursuit in life seemed to revolve around writing. It was a defining characteristic for years, but I never considered finally pursuing that goal of becoming a published author until a couple author friends began harassing me to seriously put my mind to it. The first page was the hardest of my life; I found myself battling against every doubt I’ve ever experienced. But once the words began to flow, it was like I had come home and felt comfortable as can be. From there, it was a matter of finding a publisher, learning the business side of the industry, and then evolving into an independent author.

DDG: What would you say has been your biggest writing achievement so far?

JD: My fans will always be my biggest achievement as a writer. I’ve never aspired to write the next book on the shelf but rather to write something unique, something that catches the right imagination and changes the entire game in a sense. Whenever that connection is made with a new reader, the bond feels particularly deep. Intimate.

A few of J.D's favorite things:


I’ve always been partial to a deep cobalt blue. On a woman, though, a provocatively innocent pink is pretty much my kryptonite.


Anything that tastes better when licked off bare skin. Also, strawberries…probably even more so after writing Food Lust.


Sinatra, hands down. As for more contemporary artists, I’m pretty partial to Jane Monheit. I’m also a big fan of instrumental jazz. I guess that’s my New Orleans blood.


“We see the world not as it is, but as we are.”

J.D. Lexx's Bio

International attorney, award-winning journalist and last of a modest raconteur bloodline, J.D. Lexx has been a storyteller for most of his life and a student of humanity for even longer. Perhaps it’s no wonder that he takes such pleasure in the subtle tease of the written word, in kindling curiosity with every shared tale, then daring the imagination to continue on beyond The End.

A traveler by nature, Lexx spends most of his time between the frenzied streets of New York and the slower pace of New Orleans’ Vieux Carré. When not exploring the sensual psyche through his writing, he can usually be found honing his skills in the kitchen or working alongside charitable organizations to promote literacy and tolerance— two causes not only reflected in his work, but forever dear to his heart.

MALEDICTION: Rise of the Crimson Confessions
(Crimson Confessions #1)

Genre: Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March, 20th

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Some devote a lifetime to the endless pursuit of love. Others spend even longer trying to outrun it. Between the shimmering lights of Paris and New Orleans’ commercialized sin, author J.D. Lexx embarks on his latest hunt. Once content to walk blindly in the light, these days he prowls a different world, one of shadow and sensuality where flesh yields to the probing hungers of fantasy. Driven by painful reminders of opportunity left unseized, he roams, tirelessly seeking the next in a growing collection of Crimson Confessions.
Yet these tales of conquest and seduction which have brought such notoriety are merely bait for a more transcendent prey. The one he truly stalks is infinitely more elusive, and lethal in her charms. To win her over, and write the happy ending to this unfinished story, an infamous collector of secrets must now lay his own bare for all to see. Chasing a trail of enticing exploits stretching from Sin City to Prague, every stop leads him back to the beginning…and one step closer to her.

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